S1E16, “Hidden Enemy”

Or “The Hidden Enemy” by file name, but what’s an article between frien– wait.

  • “Truth enlightens the mind, but won’t always bring happiness to your heart.”
    • Will I come up with a comment about this? Let’s find out
  • Ah, we’re (will have been) back on Christophsis.
  • I feel like the size of battle droid battalions has something to do with the minimum number of them required to sound intimidating when marching. They’re so lightweight, and they try so hard.
  • …the ones that just burst in and shot down like four clone troopers are trying extra hard
  • There is a brief glimpse of a close-range blaster bolt doing serious damage to a trooper’s breastplate, so the droids are actually pretty threatening right now, going one for one with the Republic forces.
  • And a lingering shot of half-molten droid pieces after lightsaber strikes, yeesh. Can droids get upset at their version of carnage?
    • …like seeing a body stagger around firing blindly after having its head wrenched off?
  • Oh, the ones that look a little bit like Crow are tactical droids.
    • If the head has the data, I hope there is a backup drive elsewhere.
  • Hey, a few of the clone troopers have unique hairstyles. I wonder how much that is encouraged/discouraged; honestly it’s not hard to imagine the Mando concepts of brothers and clan being turned to say individuality is scary and lonely, you don’t really want that, do you?
  • I think Obi-Wan and Anakin are having this horrifically awkward shouted speeder-bike conversation to draw attention to themselves, but I’m honestly not sure.
  • “No guards, no barricades… you’d think Separatist headquarters would be better protected.” Should Anakin know better than to taunt the narrative like that? It is only season 1. On the other hand, you rarely go wrong underestimating the CIS.
  • Christophsis architecture seems to go heavily towards varying geometric shapes and semitranslucent green prism things. I wonder wh–
  • –oh shit it’s Asajj Ventress
  • Obi-Wan that was a nice beard stroke/attempt at sarcasm but you are way out of your league
  • This nervous clone trooper has — well, I guess it doesn’t really meet the minimum goatee requirements. He has a cute little chin rectangle. And sideburns! I hope he’s not the spy, if only so he doesn’t ruin facial hair experimentation for everyone else.
    • His name is Jester. Moving along before I start making up headcanons and getting attached.
  • Actually one of his squad brothers does have a goatee, and another has different chin patches? Maybe this is what troopers do in their downtime.
    • …unless you’re Chopper and are busy making battle droid finger necklaces.
  • To be fair, keeping trophies from your kills probably isn’t unheard of among modern-day Mando’ade, but it’s not the kind of image the Jedi would want their troops to have, certainly.
  • “I always knew there was something deficient about you.” uh. holy shit that is some nasty internalised Kaminoan terminology.
  • So droid parts are “forbidden items.” Is that true for everyone, or just clone troopers? Do the commanders and Jedi generals think they would cause some other problem than morale-crushing thoughts about mass production and disposable armies? Do they worry about troopers trying to build their own droids from salvaged parts?
  • Ooh, it was the trooper without any identifying markers. Clever.
    • I heard “Slick” as “Slit” originally and ooh boy I should not start comparing clone troopers and War Boys.
  • Asajj is not pushing the limit of how sultry you can sound on a kids’ show so much as pressing up against it. Obi-Wan, however, seems determined to remain unflirted.
    • Calling her “my sweet”, though, even sardonically… do they have history? :3c
  • Higher-ranked clone officers must get special combat training the others don’t. They’re still pretty evenly matched in a fistfight, though, for obvious reasons.
  • Freedom is kind of the Sith thing, yeah. Right there in the code.
  • Anakin trying to shame Slick by using the clones’ values against him — “how could you do that to your brothers?” — is kind of uncomfortable.
  • Is anyone going to follow up on the underlying causes of this? No? We’re just going to put Slick in the brig and call it a cycle? Okay then!

The Verdict: Slow to start, but once you get into the clones’ interactions with each other and their superiors, there’s a lot to think about! Also, this technically serves as Ventress’ intro for me and I like her so far.
Mando’a Headcanon Word of the Day: ut’repanyc, hungry. Literally translates to “having an empty stomach”, so it’s not generally used in the sense of being hungry for, say, freedom or justice… but it could be (also I couldn’t think of anything based on this particular episode so I went back in my notes).


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