S2E16, “Cat And Mouse”

  • According to the wiki there is, in fact, a quote or “moral” every episode.
    • “A wise leader knows when to follow.”
    • Update: morals may just be things Council has repeatedly shouted at Anakin
  • Crystofsis? Kristophsis? I’m going to need to look up the name of this planet…
    • Christophsis. I was close. Christopher means “Christ-bearer,” -sis suffix is technically for a process but is probably just there bc it sounds cool, and “Christ” itself means “anointed” or “messiah”, so either
      • a) this planet is actually the birthplace of Space Christianity or
      • b) it’s purely coincidental human mouth-noises and I will take even the flimsiest excuse to start fiddling with etymology and name meanings.
    • Also there’s currently a battle happening on and in orbit around it, so there’s that.
  • The detonations and the silhouettes of ships look like holes punched through the planet. Creepy.
    • They’re probably supposed to be tarantula-like bc Big and Hairy, but this guy’s face reminds me of a jumping spider! Angry Separatist jumping spiders. Good.
  • Obi-Wan is already so done and it hasn’t even been two and a half minutes.
  • Jumping spider seems to have the same kind of droid advising him as the Geonosian noble did in the episode I thought was this one. I’m going to assume they just got handed out to representatives of CIS planets, kind of like how you go to a job fair and get free pens, and/or there was a bulk discount at Droid Depot.
  • Jumping spider has a very crisp way of speaking, snapping things out syllable by syllable, punctuated with clicks. good job A+ spidering
  • Anakin obeys the order for a tactical retreat but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.
  • …actually jumping spider doesn’t have a half bad villain Voice. Nice and resonant and gloating.
  • The secret weapon Obi-Wan promised is a ship outfitted with a cloaking device! I don’t remember how common those are in the galaxy if at all, so it’ll probably get blown up by the end of the episode.
    • “This is the prototype, and you won’t be on the offensive.” it is so getting blown up
  • Arms Folded Anakin Gromp Face (AFAGF) count: 2
  • Jumping spider is actually Admiral Trench, and was thought vaporised (always a good word) in a prior battle.
  • Oh no this trooper almost missed the transport
    • “CT-1284, Spark, reporting for duty, sir!”
    • Osik, kid, keep your head down, cuteness is dangerous
    • At least his new superior officer is going to look out for him
  • The stealth ship is outrageously long and pointy. Looks like an X-acto knife, or a glass pen.
  • Trench gave the order to release the Hyena Bombers planetside — bladed little ship-droids kind of like miniature Cylon raiders. Unlike raiders, they let out tiny robotic cackles. I love them.
  • Decloak and use weapons, or stay hidden and hope none of the bombers collide with the ship? Maybe the shape is to minimise surface area.
  • “Help us, General Kenobi! You’re our only hope.” I wonder what Bail might have said if he wasn’t constrained by The Reference?*
    • *the Star Wars universe knows perfectly well what it’s doing
  • Obi-Wan, when has Anakin ever responded well to that tone of voice, ever?
  • Torpedoes hit shields and it’s time for some good old-fashioned ship shaking
  • “Puny” is an important part of every villain’s base vocabulary
  • “Hello, ugly.” Okay, Anakin, species beauty standards aside, people have probably had their internal organs turned into a delicious smoothie for less.
  • Trench’s inner fangs move with his speech in place of any visible tongue.
  • “Turn back now, retreat while you can, for I… am… YOUR DOOM.”
    • Trench is villaining as hard as he possibly can and I think we should all take a moment to appreciate his effort
    • Of course, this coincides with his decision to drop shields and launch an all-out barrage, so…
    • …when Anakin swings around and turns the torpedoes back on their ship, the shields can’t be raised again in time because they’re recharging.
    • This seems like a weird design feature but hey, I’m a biologist.
  • Well, Trench escaped being blown up in space once…
    • I know, I’m really dead set on this line of thought. Entrenched, you could say.
      • (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  • Oya! Spark survived the episode! And so did the stealth ship. Let’s hope the trend continues.

The Verdict: *pounds table and chants* SPIDER ALIENS SPIDER ALIENS seriously, Trench was the best thing about this episode. I didn’t even mention that he was holding a little cane or scepter to make dramatic gestures with. I can almost see Sidious having produced a series of villain workshop webinars (taught by Dooku ofc). According to the wiki, his species is known as Harch, but there’s no information about them beyond that.

Mando’a Headcanon Word of the Day: kyor’kovid, lit. poison-head, a spider.

The real lesson here is that even if you don’t have an internal skeleton, you can still make a badass symbol out of your own face.


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