S2E6, “Weapons Factory”

I’m used to liveblogging things people are watching along with me, so hopefully this will stand on its own. As for formatting, I just made a list in Google Docs and c/p’ed it in here.


  • (in the Blue Opening Font™) “No gift is more precious than trust.”
  • I get the feeling every episode is going to have one of these little… epigraphs
  • (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  • ^ I saved the pun emoji to a sticky note so I could bring it out for special occasions
  • I could make a mean-spirited comment about fortune cookies and Jedi truisms but I’m actually more reminded of Andromeda, which really went all out with its in-universe preface quotations, so we’ll let that be.
  • There are recap montages with the dramatic-1940s-newsreel-style narration! I appreciate this (especially bc the whole thing could be considered Rebel propaganda)
  • Knock knock, who’s there? Interrupting Anakin Skywalker
    • Okay, one disadvantage of this viewing order is that I have no idea what their relationship is like at this point, but I’m guessing “awkward”
  • Well she’s got the passive-aggression down pat
  • I wonder if Jedi have ever looked at old holocrons and been like ‘upper-class Coruscanti accents sound a lot like the Old Empire’s, what’s up with that’
  • Anakin I feel like she might actually, you know, listen if you expressed your feelings? I know he’s a surly adolescent training a smaller, equally surly adolescent but I’m just going to blame the Council
  • I like the Ominous Rock Spires, they remind me a bit of making drip sand castles
  • And this Geonosian assistant droid reminds me a lot of Crow T. Robot!
  • I wonder if these rock formations are actually like, petrified fungus
  • Lightsabers: 1 Rock: 0 Physics: Forfeit
  • Geonosian naptime
    • shhhhh
  • The heavy battle droids have such a distinctive POW POW POWPOWPOW when they fire
    • Now I’m just imagining Geonosian white noise tapes. ‘Soothing Droid Engagement’
  • If I was the drinking type I’d suggest taking a shot every time someone says, “That’s a lot of droids…” but we’d still only be at two
  • Geonosian: >:C
    • Wow those are… those are some mammal-like teeth you got there, buddy
    • Are they herbivores? It would be cool if all the space that wasn’t droid factories was set up for hydroponics. Or they just import all their food, or they have synthesisers…
    • Okay fine back to the plot
  • Physics makes a surprise comeback for recoil!
  • “Our shields are holding! They can’t touch us!”
    • No one taught the battle droids about narrative irony, which I think accounts for a good 17% of their casualties? Get on this, Geonosians
  • The robot has this great ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed’ posture when confronting Ahsoka and Baris
  • So Geonosians have elytra (hard protective wing cases) and two sets of wings, which don’t seem to interlock like hymenopterans’. Cool
    • If you thought this was not going to be at least 30% xenobiology rambling by volume I have some bad news for you, ner vod
  • This has sure been a great day for the clone troopers, it’s not like they probably ever get tired of being thrown at endless ranks of droids while the Jedi orchestrate shenanigans
  • I have yet to see these tanks as anything other than giant desert death Zambonis
  • The battle droids operating them must be having a great time though. ‘WHO’S FLIMSY NOW’
  • Cool guys don’t look at explosions, Anakin
  • That last “roger roger” is so painfully self-aware
    • It was fun while it lasted, lil guy
  • They are kind of scarily resigned to making the ultimate sacrifice this early, in one objective in one battle on one planet in an ongoing conflict, which will, itself, turn out to have been… see, when there are no more battle droids we have to make do with nihilism, and no one wants that. More battle droids pls.
  • Maybe don’t put the power generator in the EXACT CENTER OF EVERYTHING YIKES
    • Backups. Backups are your friend. Then again I doubt the CIS budget allows for any, here at Disposable Minions Inc.
  • Anakin: *daring float-and-brood combination*
  • I hope lightsabers don’t use up oxygen
  • Nice foreshadowing for Anakin’s complete lack of patience with Jedi fatalism.

The Verdict: Good if not overly gripping, I actually am warming to the idea of seeing Anakin’s and Ahsoka’s relationship develop through (effectively) flashbacks etc. Also not having to sit through an awkward pilot just yet.

Mando’a Headcanon Word of the Day: jionosii, a Geonosian. Less politely called ori’shopar or “big shopar,” these being native insects akin to wood-boring beetles (the adults of whom are already pretty damn big). Very coincidentally related to shupakir, “to squish.”

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