Test Post

For my best friend out in the Herios Sector.

There may be a Mando’a Word of the Day for each episode, because I’m most definitely Fandalorian trash, so here are some resources I usually draw from:

Learn Mando’a Forum Masterpost

Mando’a-Basic database

Tris’ name in Mando’a is Tioryc, which literally means “curious” and figuratively means the kind of person who looks at everything and asks “okay, but why?

That is one thing I’ve managed to string together by myself, but so far this remains my crowning achievement:

Tion’kaysh gana sheb’ika? [TEE-on kaysh GAN-ah sheh-BEE-kah?]

Kaysh gaaaaaan.

(Do they got the booty? They doooooo.)

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